When I was a kid I would literally scream "NO!" if someone tried to photograph me so it's somewhat ironic that I'm now a photographer but at least I understand the uneasy feeling some people experience when having their image taken. I use the words "image taken" mindfully because each time someone hires me, or allows me to photograph them for one of my projects, I know I'm receiving a gift. If I'm able to capture who they are, the beauty they hold inside and show it to them and the world, then I've been successful.


My other passion is travel and sharing the beauty of the places I've been. Each time I go somewhere whether it's abroad, across Canada or close to my home, I know I'll learn something new as I look through my lens.


I started in photography a few years back studying Commercial Photography for two years in Nova Scotia. After graduating with honours, I became a freelance photographer. I love every second of it from meeting people, to finding the right way to photograph them, to editing the images. I am always happiest when I'm looking through my camera discovering the world.


Photo Credit: Denise Sooley